Running a race in all 50 states is no easy task! Celebrate your success in the most fun and unique way with the I Run The States map! Just ran a race in Florida? Simply scratch the top layer of the state off the map and immediately be filled with pride, accomplishment and inspiration to conqueror your next state.

Run The States Scratch Off Map


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Regardless if you run 5k’s, half marathons, or full marathons, the Run The States map is the perfect way for you to keep track of and show off all the states you’ve conquered.

When one state is not enough, you challenge yourself to run them all! Our maps are not for every runner. Our maps are for that special breed of runners; the type of runner who looks at a challenge and says, Let's do this! Our maps are made for the runner who believes in mind over matter and keeps putting one foot in front of the other when their body screams to quit. We’re looking for the runner who has the courage to RUN THE STATES and the pride to put it on full display! Is that you?

The Perfect Gift For Your Favorite Runner!

Take your gift giving game from 0 to 100 with the I Run The States map! Our unique maps are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your family or friend!

Looks Great Everywhere!

Your running adventures shouldn’t end when the race is over. Hang your map in your office, bedroom or hallway to display your amazing achievements. Want to jazz it up a bit? And a frame and turn your accomplishments into art work!